About Alex W Evans

Alex W Evans is an American screenwriter and filmmaker.  Evans studied filmmaking at George Mason University, Växjö University, and the Vancouver Film School.  Evans is passionate about exploring history and culture in his original work.  His thesis film, “Return from Jarama Valley” tells the story of Spanish Civil War veterans returning to the United States in 1939 after the Fascist victory.

Evans first independent short film, “Tourtilla”, featured Chris Reed (FX’s “Sons of Anarchy”) and Josh Adam Meyers (Comedy Central's "Comedy Jam"/ Netflix's "F is for Family").  The film was an official selection of the 2014 Independent Filmmakers Showcase.

In addition to his narrative work, Evans served as associate producer on Animal Planet’s Emmy-nominated series, “Whale Wars”and as a contributing cinematographer for the feature documentary, “Live and Let Live”.

Alex is  adapting, "Aphrodite's Sister," the first in a series of young adult novels, for the screen working with author Kelly Balch and writing partner Lydia Teffera.

He is also in development for his first feature film as writer/director, "Heathen." It follows the story of the last two pagans to resist the Christian conversion of Iceland in 1000 AD.

He is in post-production on a short film entitled, "Troll."  The piece follows a band of vikings investigating disappearances in the mounts only to be confronted by an infernal threat unlike anything they've encountered before.


Alex W Evans